Creative Thinking Meditation

A 5-Step Open Meditation to Release Your Deep Creativity

This meditation can help you regain your emotional spontaneity

When I was beginning meditation, I found numerous practices aimed to strengthen my pure focus and attention on my mind.

They sought to empty me of negative thoughts and emotions, letting the natural positivity of my mind express itself.

Even though they helped me to concentrate better, I was afraid that they would close myself off from my mental resources, and so deplete my inspiration. 

That’s when I found the existence of open-monitoring meditation, reopening myself more positively to my insights and triggering new sources of creativity.

The Tibetan practices presented by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in Spontaneous Creativity restore the expressiveness of our emotions, bringing our mind back to the passionate energy hidden under our concerns and worries.

By teaching me to find stillness in my thoughts, to silence my reflections, to create space for my negative emotions, to sense my sources of inspiration, and to give my blessing to them, these practices have brought me back to my natural creativity.

Here’s how you too can in 5 steps extinguish your doubts and illuminate your certainties. You can practice these 5 steps successively or simultaneously in a 25 minutes session.

Reaching The Perfect Stillness in Your Spine

One of the fundamental principles of any mediation is to learn to find serenity in your body and mind, removing the clouds of negative thinking.

Consciousness when in a state of relaxation following your breathing enables you to escape negative ruminations and to find inner clarity.

To proceed, you need to find a stature that is straight and solid enough to escape the continual movement of ruminations.

By tuning in to your breathing for 5 minutes, draw attention to your spine, the pillar of your balance and stillness in the middle of the chaotic movements of your thoughts.

If any thoughts or feelings distract you, resume focusing on this stable reference. 

With such training, you will gradually reach balance in your mind, without disturbing thought movements to distract you.

Embracing The Deep Silence From Your Throat

One of the other obstacles that await you on the path to your inner illumination is the incessant noise of your inner reflections and comments.

You might naturally tend to let your voice comment on your gestures and practice: “Am I doing this correctly ?”, “Am I sitting correctly?”, or “Why don’t I feel anything ? ”.

To silence the continuous remarks of your mind, after having stabilized your mind with breathing exercises, focus for 5 minutes on the now silent source of your voice: your throat.

Feel deeply the absence of speech, return with your breath, and slowly appropriate this absence. Make your breath the vehicle of that inner silence. 

It is through this void of speech that you will reach the silent serenity of your consciousness.

Building Infinite Space in Your Lungs 

Despite the silence of the mind, emotions and concerns of the moment may continue to intervene, disturbing your acquired serenity.

In these moments, you need to find and consider the infinite space that your lungs contain, where every kind of worry, sadness, frustrations that move you have a place reserved for them.

As you continue to breathe deeply for another 5 minutes, let your negative and positive emotions express themselves without judgment and recoil in this wide space, letting them gently appear and express themselves within you and then letting them disappear without intervening.

These emotions, as negative as they are, will fade away on their own if you do not try to get a hold of them.

Hold on to this soothing assurance, that this inner space belongs to you where you can express your most intense, disturbing, and humiliating feelings. Just let them come and live in this deep welcoming home. 

Gradually, you will feel the clear and caring presence of the light of your consciousness. You will open yourself to the deep source of your creative and positive passion.

Being Grateful for Inspiration in Your Chest

When your mind is finally like clear water reflecting only the light of your consciousness without being disturbed by it, you can begin to project it towards the objects you care about.

The mind in its natural state, deprived of these preoccupations, shines a natural kindness and compassion on yourself, other people, and things.

Let this light shine through by directing it to your concrete sources of inspiration and love.

As you settle in, mentally imagine the loved ones, the knowledge, the passions, the things that inspire you day by day, and rejoice in their presence.

For example, when I practice this meditation, I imagine the people close to me who inspire me with their complicity and daily life, the authors that I am reading and who give me their advice, the forest in which I walk and which refreshes my thoughts…

The key here is to let your mind wander spontaneously to various images of inspiration, feeding yourself with endless illuminating thoughts.

Place these sources of joy in the warmth of your chest, and feel in you the enthusiasm of imagination and creation.

Let then the joy of these multiple inspirations flow back into you.

Giving Your Joyful Inspiration Back

Your mind filled with creative joy, it still has to share its enthusiasm in acting, sharing, and producing. 

Buddhist practice teaches that the energy you cultivate within yourself is expressed only through care, compassion, and kindness towards others.

To fully release these inner resources, reconceive the concrete sources of your inspiration and illuminate them with the inner joy that animates you, in rhythm with your inspirations and exhalations.

Imagine them in their everyday concerns or lacking energy, and gratify them with your benevolence and light following your breath.

In my case, I think deeply of the light I bring to my loved ones giving them courage in their work, the energy I transmit to the authors’ writing and thinking, or the forest I water with my inner abundance.

Through this mentalization, you apply this energy to your concrete and daily actions, giving you the motivation to continue your work, your achievements, or your commitments.

Now it is your turn to master these 5 meditative steps to find your creative potential buried in each of you!

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