About Us

Thinking Business Creatively

We’re a team of marketers fresh out of college, full of culture and knowledge. We’ve created this media for creative thinking to light a new spark in the world of business, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

This media is a compilation of new kind of articles, mixing scientific, artistic, philosophical and cultural subjects with business issues. We want to promote serendipity, curiosity, openness on the future to business man eager to make a difference. 


Our founding values are:, Transversality of expertise, Fluidity of ideas, Serendipity of insights, Curiosity towards the future. 

We look forward to hear from you. Contact us for questions or articles submission. 



Bringing intellectual insights and illuminations to the business word.


We see the future shaped by creative solutions and true actions.


  • Transversality of Expertise
  • Fluidity of Ideas
  • Extreme Curiosity towards the Future