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Why you should follow us 

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business but always been short of ideas?

Have you ever had some ideas but didn’t think they could lead you anywhere?

Have you ever needed help to complete the missing puzzle pieces of your ideas and shape the business-model of your next innovation ?

Your ideas can’t replace your ability to execute and realize them, but they are still essential.

The more different references you have, the more your brain is capable of creativity and connecting its various insights, leading you to inventions worthy of the greatest geniuses.

As Steven Johnson says in Where the Great Ideas Come From, your ability to innovate, which makes the difference between two up-and-coming companies, is not innate but depends on real digging and intellectual openness: it is where you least expect that you find the most extraordinary project ideas.

This intellectual exploration should not stop at the discovery of your business idea and the launch of your company: being able to constantly innovate your product, your processes, your marketing, your management makes a difference also in the long-term.

This requires a certain intellectual flexibility worthy of entrepreneurs as famous as Bill Gates, who made his immense knowledge and deep culture the cornerstone of his success.

It can distinguish you as a decision-maker, marketer and manager, and get you to the next level.

It is this value – of creativity and innovation – that defines our new media dedicated to people eager to take their business mind-set to a higher level of enlightenment.